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Frequently Asked Questions:

1 Technical Support
1.1 I cannot find an eProdigy dealer near me, where can I get service and order parts?

eProdigy Bikes can be serviced at any local bike shop! 90% of the components are regular bike parts and will be familiar for all mechanics to work on. Our bikes do not require any specialized tools or software. For parts that are more easily -or only- sourced through eProdigy, our warehouse is fully stocked to ship daily via UPS ground service. If the part is covered under our 2-year warranty, the part will be free of charge.

1.2 What type of warranty is offered by eProdigy?

eProdigy Bikes come with a 1-year warranty** on the Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor™ and battery. The warranty period covers support and parts.

**Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only. We do not cover damaged or broken parts caused by the user.

2 General Information
2.1 Do eProdigy Bikes ship worldwide?

Yes! We have experience shipping to various countries across the globe. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination. Note that taxes and duties will be additional.

2.2 How are eProdigy Bikes shipped?

If an eProdigy dealer isn't close-by, the bike can come to you. It will come securely packaged and boxed with only the front wheel, handlebar stem and pedals to be assembled. The only necessary tools are: 15mm Pedal Wrench, 6mm Allen Key, 14mm wrench (Banff Only). eProdigy recommends that after shipping, the bike be checked by a professional mechanic for optimal performance and safety purposes.

2.3 Can I accelerate my eProdigy bike from a stop, on a hill?

Yes! The 750W/500(CAD) Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor™ is one-of-a-kind for its power and compact size. At the top of the mid-drive class with 120Nm of torque, and throttle feature. The throttle can be used to accelerate your eProdigy bike from a stop, on just about any terrain. It is also very helpful when exiting intersections quickly and safely!