Technical Support


I cannot find an eProdigy dealer near me, where can I get service and order parts?


Eprodigy Bikes can be serviced at any local bike shop! 90% of the components are regular bike parts and will be familiar for all mechanics to work on. Our bikes do not require any specialized tools, or software. For parts that are more easily -or only- sourced through eProdigy, our warehouse is fully stocked to ship daily via UPS ground service. If the part is covered under our 2-year warranty, both the part and shipping will be completely free of charge.


What type of warranty is offered by eProdigy?


Eprodigy Bikes come with a 2-year* warranty on both battery and Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor™. The warranty period covers support, parts and shipping cost both ways. *Cypress model = 1-year warranty

General Information


Do eProdigy Bikes ship worldwide?


Yes! We have experience shipping to various countries across the globe. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination. Note that taxes and duties will be additional.


2018 eProdigy Electric Bike Updates Interbike

For 2018, eProdigy is continuing to refine and enhance their Achiever mid-drive motor, which was designed to be more streamlined than competing offerings and is only offered on eProdigy bikes.

eProdigy Electric Bikes at Interbike 2017

Here's a look at the eProdigy electric bike line up that includes their new lightweight carbon fiber folding electric bike!

e-Prodigy Logan E-bike

Mid-drive, NuVinci Harmony and a sport ride come together in this cool looking E-bike. Based in Canada, you will be seeing more US dealers carrying it for your riding pleasure.