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Ride beyond. Whether you’re hitting the trails or pedalling on pavement toward your destination, it’s all about the journey. With the Whistler, you’ll experience power, performance and a whole lotta pep.

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Power move. Cycling is all about movement and the Whistler moves in a powerful way. A top speed of 28mph, 120Nm torque, and no-resistance rides when powered down. Hold on!

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Common ground. The Whistler is fit for a diverse demographic of riders. Female and male riders alike have found the Whistler to meet all their needs; from commuting to trail riding, leisure cruises and more.

  • Our Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor, nominal motor output is 750W
  • On-Demand Thumb Throttle
  • 48V 11.6Ah battery
  • Front suspension
  • Adjustable head stem
  • Handles like a regular mountain bike, but also great for commuting
  • 18” mountain bike frame
  • Capable of 28MPH (If permissible by local laws)
  • 120Nm torque
  • Zero-resistance rides when powered down  
Technical Specs

Max Motor Speed



Up to 60 miles*


PANASONIC Lithium-Ion Rechargeable, 48V 11.6Ah


50 lbs Including Battery


Aluminum Alloy Frame AL6061


Kenda, 26x1.75, Puncture Resistance and Reflective


Alexrims DM-18 26"


Tektro AQUILA (MD-M500) Mechanical Disc Brakes with Power Cut-Off Brake Sensor


Shimano ALIVIO Rapidfire Shifter SL-M4000R

Rear Gear

Shimano ALIVIO 9 Speeds Rear Gears CS-HG400-9

Rear Derailleur

Shimano ALIVIO 9 Speeds Rear Derailleur RD-T4000

Front Fork

SR Suntour XCT V4, 80mm Travel


eProdigy Chainring, 42T


KMC Chain


VL-6090 Velo


Ergonomic Grips


Rear Stay Kickstand

Motor Type

Brushless DC Motor, 48V

Output Power

750W/500W/350W Programmable at Dealer Level

Assist Model

Throttle-on-Command and/or Pedal Assist Level 0/1/2/3/4/5

Frame Size


Wheel Size


Available Colours

White/Matte Black/Red


2 years for the motor and battery; 90 days for all regular bike components

*range is estimated; using lower assist levels with moderate pedaling and in ideal conditions with a fully charged battery

Benefit of OurCoaxial Bottom Bracket Motor™ System

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Pedal Assist

Pedal how you want. Our motor senses pedal movement and reduces the workload when you’re in need, which allows you to pedal at your own pace – or not at all!


Thumb Throttle

Biking is a breeze with our Thumb Throttle on-demand control so you can speed up whenever you want! This means that you can hit the throttle to get going immediately upon starting. From zero to fun! Plus, you can engage the throttle mid-ride to keep up with friends, tackle a hill, or just get there quicker!

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eProdigy Coaxial Bottom Bracket MotorTM system is designed with modular upgrades in mind, so that you can innovate and upgrade your system as we do – your eProdigy bicycle is your bike for life!


Hasta La Vista, Hills

Unlike other motorized bikes, all eProdigy models harness your pedalling power and turn it into extra torque. Say goodbye to uphill hikes!

Eco energy

Rear-Gear Efficiency

Our motor and rear gears work together by optimizing your bike’s RPMs to increase battery life and avoid over-heating.


Perfect Placement

Placing our motor in the centre of the bike evenly distributes weight and improves balance, giving you better control, handling, and efficiency.

Are You New to eBikes?

Well, a long time ago, we were too! But there's no reason to be intimidated. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. In the meantime, these videos might be helpful.

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