Effortless is More

Our innovative mid-drive motor literally drives our business. The Coaxial Bottom Bracket MotorTM, which is seamlessly situated in the middle of every eProdigy bicycle, makes the most of all cycling experiences through pedal-assist technology and convenient thumb-throttle control.

Benefit of OurCoaxial Bottom Bracket Motor™ System

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Pedal Assist

Pedal how you want. Our motor senses pedal movement and reduces the workload when you’re in need, which allows you to pedal at your own pace – or not at all!


Thumb Throttle

Biking is a breeze with our Thumb Throttle on-demand control so you can speed up whenever you want! This means that you can hit the throttle to get going immediately upon starting. From zero to fun! Plus, you can engage the throttle mid-ride to keep up with friends, tackle a hill, or just get there quicker!

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eProdigy Coaxial Bottom Bracket MotorTM system is designed with modular upgrades in mind, so that you can innovate and upgrade your system as we do – your eProdigy bicycle is your bike for life!


Hasta La Vista, Hills

Unlike other motorized bikes, all eProdigy models harness your pedalling power and turn it into extra torque. Say goodbye to uphill hikes!

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Rear-Gear Efficiency

Our motor and rear gears work together by optimizing your bike’s RPMs to increase battery life and avoid over-heating.


Perfect Placement

Placing our motor in the centre of the bike evenly distributes weight and improves balance, giving you better control, handling, and efficiency.



Our durable, super-light wheels make it easy for you to speed up and slow down and also reduce roll resistance to nearly nothing when you choose to pedal without power.



We’ve designed our bikes so that anyone and everyone can fix a flat; no pesky wires, special tools or difficult designs that even mechanics won’t mess with.


Zero-Resistance Rides

Some ebikes produce considerable drag or resistance when powered down – but not eProdigy! Our ebikes allow zero-resistance rides when cycling without power thanks to our patented brushless coaxial design. You can pedal without power, worry free.


Durable + Discrete

Our motor is hidden within your bike’s frame, and with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, eProdigy bicycles look like any other bike. Plus, with an out-of-sight motor, the most important part of the bike, other than the rider, is shielded from debris.