Abracadabra! Meet Magic Pro.

The eProdigy Magic Pro is the ebike reinvented, again. This upgraded model of the Magic is where quality meets class. With everything our riders love about the Magic, we’ve added a more powerful battery, a carbon belt drive, rear-hub internal gears for grind-free gear changing, an LCD display complete with a USB port for charging or powering your accessories and reliable fenders so you can commute in any climate.

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Do you believe in Magic? Because we do.

The eProdigy Magic is the ebike reinvented. With the battery integrated into a deep, step-through frame, freeing up rack space and distributing weight, the Magic is our most balanced ebike – in every sense of the word. The Magic has an adjustable head stem to quickly accommodate multiple riding positions, while the geometry of the frame offers a rigid and reliable ride.

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Fairweather Goes Where You Go.

The eProdigy Fairweather can go anywhere, literally. Built with our riders in mind, the foldable frame is compact, portable and maintenance free. Perfect for the urban rider, the Fairweather is prepared for any commute, any storage space and any scenario – hills included!

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Take in a Daily Breath of Fresh Air!

Our Banff ebike is one of our smallest and most comfortable bikes that gives you a laid-back ride, every time. A simple step-through frame and wide saddle make it easy for anyone to enjoy their weekend spin or daily commute.

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Hop onto a Jasper and Cross Many Bridges.

The Jasper is our most comfortable ride. The ultra-deep step-through design makes getting on and off a breeze and the geometry of the frame puts the rider in the ultimate upright position. With on-command Thumb Throttle and our pedal-assist technology, the Jasper will have you looking forward to each and every ride.

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Be Free. Be Active. Be Yourself.

Like its namesake, the Whistler eProdigy ebike gives riders a brilliant and powerful cycling experience. Designed on an 18-inch mountain bike frame with Thumb Throttle and pedal-assist, the Whistler has unbelievable torque, superior front suspension and durable mountain tires for tackling any terrain – go where you want.

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Go Faster, Further and Have More Fun!

Known for its speed, acceleration and amount of torque, the Logan is the superhero of ebikes. It may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but the Logan will get you from one building to another in the blink of an eye. No matter where your journey takes you, this commuter bike is well equipped for trails and paved roads, ride assured.

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